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Day Care for Dogs?

Because dogs are pack animals, they posses an innate desire to socialize. Daycare provides the exercise and socialization that are critical to your dog's physical and mental well-being. What's more, you'll never feel guilty on those nights when work runs a little later than expected. Dogs at Play™ was conceived as a place where dogs of every shape, size and breed can come play and exercise in a clean, secure, and highly social environment. Our new expanded location offers four large, toy-filled rooms and two large secure outdoor areas that provide small and large dogs with hours of entertainment and plenty of room to run around.

While Dogs at Play™ was certainly made for fun, the health and safety of your dog is always paramount. Constant supervision by our staff of trained professionals insures that your dog is always safe and well cared for. Special features in the facility include innovative "bio sealed" epoxy floors, designed to provide traction and easy clean up, while preventing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Our new facility also has a custom designed dog wash.

Dog of the Week

Sadie is a 3 year old female Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu mix who weighs 25 pounds. She is an independent girl who takes her time warming up to folks but she does get there and it's worth the wait. Sadie thinks other dogs are OK but is not in desperate need of canine companionship. She's going to want to meet any dogs you currently have to make sure they're a good match. We think she'll do best in a home where any children are old enough to respect her space. Sadie is not likely to enjoy being dressed up in doll clothes and taken around the block in a wagon but she'll make someone a great companion. And who can resist those beautiful eyes?


Name: Sadie
ID#: 29407034

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